The Wanderer's Guide to Cosmic Fabulosity

Interview with Anjua Maximo

May 21, 2023 DW Long Episode 43
The Wanderer's Guide to Cosmic Fabulosity
Interview with Anjua Maximo
Show Notes

In this episode of The Wanderer's Guide to Cosmic Fabulosity, we have the huge pleasure of interviewing Anjua Maximo. 

We discuss thriving and authenticity alongside Anjua's unique take on how to live a life in alignment with your best self. This is not an episode to be missed, full of gems to carry with you on your path. 

Anjua Maximo Life & Sensual Embodiment Coaching company was created to guide women to self confidence and self love. As a sensual embodiment coach, Anjua helps her clients find their confidence through their sensual self expression using a style of erotic intuitive dance. As a life coach she is the gremlin wrangler, helping her clients manage that negative voice in their head so they can get clear on their heart's true desires. Her purpose is to assist women in clearing any obstacles that stand in their way from being their most authentic selves. In a society that profits off of a woman’s insecurities, Anjua rejects the negative and dated narratives around sexuality, age and the expectations of women's behaviour by helping her clients access the very power that already resides within them.

We hope you will join us for this fabulous wander!

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