The Wanderer's Guide to Cosmic Fabulosity

Winter Blues and How to Move Through Them

December 18, 2021 DW Long Episode 21
The Wanderer's Guide to Cosmic Fabulosity
Winter Blues and How to Move Through Them
Show Notes

In this episode of The Wanderer's Guide to Cosmic Fabulosity, DW explores the winter blues. Looking at both seasonal affective disorder(SAD) as well as the sadness that might come with the holidays, we take a wander through a clinical lens as well as a very human lens.

As always, taking a lighter look at a heavier topic is the mode of operation here. DW cites some wisdom brought to us by scholarly literature as well as personal experience, client impressions, etc.

If you or someone you know suffers from depression and in particular depression associated with this time of year with the shorter days and/or the sadness that might come with the holiday season, be sure and pass this episode along. Below are some of the articles from which DW gleaned some of this information.

As always, we wish you the best for this holiday season and for the coming winter months. Be sure and seek support if you find this time of year particularly difficult. Remind yourself that it is a normal human experience and everything you need is inside of you.

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