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The Wanderer's Guide to Cosmic Fabulosity

DW Long

The Wanderer's Guide is the adventurous way to explore wellness, spirituality and purpose all infused with a dash of fun, humor and lightness of being. A fierce advocate for de-stigmatizing mental health, DW has pledged to break down barriers to negative beliefs surrounding mental health with everyone he meets. He is a tell-it-like-it-is psychotherapist, life and executive coach in private practice. This podcast explores how to overcome barriers to thriving, set the pace for gaining forward momentum and engage strategies for building a life where we live the fullest expression of ourselves. An introvert with a clumsy streak having face planted more times than he can count on life's journey, DW brings this unique expertise to exploring and discussing wisdom and its application from the greatest minds both current and from the past. With a laugh at himself and all of humanity's capacity for struggle, DW takes a lighter look at the pitfalls of enlightenment, the slippery slope of personal mastery and the luminous side of self-study. Come and enjoy the wander!